Facilities Design

Healthcare Facilities Designing and Start-up

Leveraging on over 60 years of experience we provide turn-key solutions for new healthcare facilities and where possible, the restructuring and improvement of existing ones. Our platform of services ranges from feasibility and preliminary assessment analysis to roll-out and hand-over of new health facilities. We have the operational agility to work in close collaboration with clients and local providers at an international level which ensures cost-effectiveness, accuracy and the timely execution of projects. Our partnership model also permits the constant process of sharing know-how from concept to completion.

Our Services

Feasibility Studies

  • Population Demographics Assessment
  • Epidemiology and Disease Profiling
  • Evaluation of Current Services Demand Supply in the Catchment Area
  • Opportunity Analysis

Clinical Services Plan

  • Clinical scope of service planning
  • Clinical functional space programme
  • Review of floor plans, stacking programme, and summary space programme
  • Define stacking of services

Facility Design

  • Clinical expert input combined with the development of the facility
  • Quantify the number and distribution of the summary space
  • Design new health facility with innovative and efficient energetic solutions
  • Ensure compliance with regulations, and meeting standards required to support accreditation


  • Clinical oversight
  • Medical equipment and procurement oversight
  • Consumable planning oversight
  • Consultancy and advise
  • IM&T consultancy

Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Training

  • Develop HR plan aligned with international and national accreditation
  • Develop Staff phasing plan
  • Develop training and education plan
  • Delivery and know-how transfer for clinical operations start-up

Services and Equipment Commissioning

  • Services and Equipment planning
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Development of disaster preparedness plan and mock code scenario
  • Clinical and non-clinical services commissioning
  • Advanced HIS and ICT solution for smart and digitally integrated facility
  • Oversight of HR recruitment
  • Staff training clinical and non clinical activities

Management & Operations

  • Management of the facility
  • Operating new services, by providing clinical and non-services
  • Medical Equipment, preventive maintenance and management
  • Preparing for accreditation
  • Implement marketing and PR plan
  • Monitor overall performance against agreed KPI's